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Journal of Finance, industry and trade # 10 as of 1889. Appendices.

Public service promotion, awards.
On 24th day of February of this year the Emperor, by the witnessing of the Minister of Finance on special works and merits at the former Copenhagen exhibition as of 1888 of the persons mentioned below, has mercifully deigned to grant:
Order of St. Vladimir of the 3rd degree to Ivan CHICHELEV, a hereditary honorary citizen;
Order of St. Anna of the 2nd degree to Mikhail KHLEBNIKOV, a hereditary honorary citizen;
Order of St. Stanislav of the 2nd degree to Mikhail Ovchinnikov, a retired sub-lieutenant;
Order of St. Stanislav of the 3rd degree to Pyotr FABERGÉ, Saint-Petersburg merchant of the 2nd guild;

To Mikhail GRACHEV, Saint-Petersburg merchant of the 2nd guild, with the signature «For useful things» to wear on neck on Stanislav ribbon.
 "Moscovskie Vedomosti" # 37 as of February 6, 1891, page 3.

Moscow news.
Stay and departure of the Archduke of Austria.
Today, on February 5, on the last day of staying of His Emperor Royal Highness Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand d'Este in Moscow at the Kuznetsky Bridge ... he was in Avants art store, Khlebnikov silverware store and Fabergé diamond store.
 «Moscovskie Vedomosti» # 176 as of June 29, 1893, page 4.

Moscow news. Necklace at the price of 73,000 rubles.
Recently, there were a lot of talks about big sale effected by the jeweler C. Fabergé. The question is about the excellent necklace of large diamonds, which has been sold by the firm at the price of 73,000 rubles recently as we have heard. It is obvious that the riches are not a rarity in Russia now. There are still hunters for such expensive «jewels».
«Moscovskie Vedomosti» # 248 as of September 9, 1896, page 2-4.

List of exhibitors awarded by awards of appreciation at the All-Russia industrial and art exhibition of the year 1896 in Nizhny Novgorod.
On Department IX. (Factory-plant and factory-craft).
The right to image the State Coat of Arms:
Olovyanishnikov I.P. - the firm of Olovyanishnikov P.I. in Yaroslavl
Silver medals:
Olovyanishnikov P.I. & sons Trading house in Yaroslavl.
On Department X. (Art-industrial)
I. The right to image the State Coat of Arms:
The Grachevs' brothers in St. Petersburg
Carl Fabergé in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow
Gold medals:
Bok C. Ivanovich in Saint-Petersburg (BOK Carl Ivanovich - V.S.)
Verfel K.F. in Saint-Petersburg (VERFEL Carl Fyodorovich - V.S.)
Lyubavin A. Ven in St. Petersburg. (LYUBAVIN Alexander Venediktovich - V.S.)
 «Moscovskie Vedomosti» # 199 as of July 22, 1898, page 2.

Moscow life. Stay of the King of Romania.
On July 21, Carl, His Majesty, the King of Romania and Ferdinand, the Crown Prince... The King went for observation from the Pokrovsky Cathedral to the Upper Shopping stalls and visited the Sapozhnikov shop, and then went to the Kuznetsky Bridge, where he viewed articles in the shops of Khlebnikov, Ovchinnikov, and Fabergé.
 «Moscovskie Vedomosti» # 105 as of April 16, 1899, page 3.

Moscow life. Report on the charity bazaar.
Charity bazaar organized by Her Imperial Highness, the Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fyodorovna... All the money collected will be distributed as follows: 1) 20,000 rubles to urban trusteeship; 2) 18,000 rubles to charitable institutions of Moscow nobility; 3) 18,000 rubles to support the Foundation for education of children of military men of the Moscow military district; 4) 18,000 rubles to the capital stock of the subsidiary cashier's office of the Moscow merchant gild; 5) 9,000 rubles in favor of Elizabethan charitable society; 6) 9,000 rubles to improve the receiving-rooms at the police houses of Moscow city. 92,000 rubles in total ...
The list of persons who have made donations for charity bazaar in the form of money or things: ... Ivanov A.N. shop, ...Nemirov-Kolodkin Partnership, ... Fabergé, ... Lorie F.A., ... Shtange shop...
«Moscovskie Vedomosti» # 176 as of June 29, 1903, page 3.

The 25th anniversary of Kharitonenko P.I. Kharkov. June 27.
The 25th anniversary of the marriage of Pavel Ivanovich Kharitonenko, the worthy representative of the sugar industry marked on June 9 of this year. Besides, this celebration has coincided with the 25th anniversary of his activity as the owner, manufacturer, businessman, and philanthropist.
The following address has been read from Moscow public figures then... signatures of... Bolin C.E., Fabergé C. and many others.
«Moscovskiy listok» # 121 as of May 2, 1902, page 2.

Approaching of Franco-Russian celebrations. Telegrams of «Moscovskiy Listok».
St. Petersburg nobility and St. Petersburg province country council are also preparing to honor the representatives of France arriving at us. St. Petersburg province nobility brings to the President of the Republic a luxurious silver casket of «Renaissance» style performed according to Fabergé factory artistic project. St. Petersburg province country council will commemorate the President's entry to the territory by the address enclosed in precious writing pad decorated with the coat of arms of the province, stones, and allegoric representation of the friendship between two nations.
«Moscovskiy listok» # 162 as of June 12, 1902, page 3.

In the cities and villages. Diamond saturnalia.
The next interesting and very typical story excites a lot of talks in Kiev at the present time. This interesting criminal epic was disclosed in Moscow by Arkhipov N.I., the legal adviser of the famous trading house under the guise of «C. Fabergé», the lawyer and the chief accountant of this house and Yarke O.G, the trustee. In general, the case is presented in the following form.
The head of «C. Fabergé» trading house with a huge variety of various diamond things for sale during the fair has arrived at Kiev to the Contracted fair in February this year, and has announced his arrival in newspapers. Having drawn attention to the declaration of the arrival of the representative of «C.Fabergé», Nikolay Cherny and Joseph Iofe, two Kiev shysters, have come to him with the following proposal. They undertook to deliver buyers to the visitor. These buyers were known for their secured financial condition. The proposition turned out to be profitable, and Iofe and Cherny, who were promised to have a certain percentage, have started to bring buyers. Iofe and Cherny brought their clients to the representative of the firm, and recommended them to moneyed people who were in need of jewelry gifts for brides, wives, dowry for daughters, etc. It was arranged so craftily that all the «buyers», namely imaginary riches and businessmen, played the comedy so jauntily that they managed to misinform the Englishman, the firm's representative, who spoke Russian badly. And now a kind of diamond saturnalia has begun. Those who wanted were acquiring diamonds for a few thousand rubles at the expense of Iofe and Cherny.  Part of these jewels was given to Iofe and Cherny immediately, or Iofe and Cherny were being paid with money, and the rest of brilliant things was immediately pledged in pawnshop, dolly shops and with private persons, presented to relatives, wives, and daughters. Once the police even drew attention to the fact that many poor people have appeared to have money, diamonds, etc. In the stores of precious things it has been turned attention to the appearance of mass of diamonds of great value and clean water in the city, which were sold for trifling sum. The stones were sold for half-price in exchange houses and nightspots. Suffice it to say that all the firm has sold diamond things to the amount of 175,000 rubles, and the «Fabergé» firm has received 13,000 rubles in the form of advance payments altogether. Arrests of fences of diamonds continued all night on 6th of June, and these fences were brought to the city police in cabs. Cherny and Iofe, the main culprits, who were the soul of this case, have, of course, been detained the first. 10 people were arrested altogether, but some of them have paid security payment and have been released. One engineer took the diamonds to the amount of 34,000 rubles including a couple of remarkable diamond earrings, which cost about 12,000 rubles. It is unknown where these earrings are, but the engineer was not arrested, because he undertook to pay the money.
 «Novoe vremya» # 13294 as of March 16, 1913, page 4.
Medal-making art and mint.

... It's time to the mint to acquire an advanced machine, the more so that they have Mr. Malyshev, a good medalist, a young sculptor.

Mr. Magula.
«Moscovskie Vedomosti» #59 as of March 13, 1915, page 4.
Donations received by Her Imperial Highness, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna from the beginning of war till January 1, 1915.
Cash donations were made by: ... Fabergé firm, ... Nemirov-Kolodkin firm...
«Moscovskie Vedomosti» # 121 as of 28 May, 1915, page 3.
Moscow chronicle.

There were deported from Moscow on May 27: (German and Austrian nationals M.Y.)... Friedrich Gustav Kirheis (Director of Bolin firm), ... William Steinman (chemist at Fabergé factory).
«Novoe vremya» # 14057 as of April 30, 1915, page 6.
 Judicial news. The claim of the jeweler.
Morozov, well-known Moscow rich man, on the property of whom the guardianship had been established due to his extravagance, took more than 84,000 rubles of jewelry from the jeweler Fabergé 2 years ago, desiring to choose something to buy. A year or two passed, but diamonds never returned, except for a very small part. Fabergé has made a claim for refund, but both the Moscow District Court and the Appellate Court have disallowed the claim on the principle that the transactions made with the ward without the consent of the guardianship shall be considered void. Lednitskiy, Fabergé's attorney at law, has filed a cassation to the Senate, which has been considered on April 28. The judgment of the Appellate Court has been cancelled and the case has been submitted for reconsideration.

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