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Society of Saint Petersburg jewelers

JEWELLER Magazine, # 1.1912.
Page13: Silver and passementerie workshop.

Jury craftsmen.

Golden workshop: Koptyaev M.I., Lavrov A.N., Malmstein A.Y., Soloviev B.P., Sivonen S., Helenius E.I., Vise N.I.

Jewelry workshop: Holming A., Trifonov Y.N., Polvinen T. and Sumin A.I.

Graver workshop: Savateev V.V., Shelgunov A.I., Kostylev V., Petrov N.A.

Graver workshop: Sulvander K.K., Pogodin V.L., Britsyn I. S.

JEWELLER Magazine, # 3, 1912.

Page 7:
Application for allocation of jewelry, clock, gilding, silver, engraving and enamel and gold-beating workmanship from the silver-passementerie workshop into one independent department as the most related among themselves. The number of members of these crafts exceeds 700 people.
Page 76
The Managing Board (Society of Saint Petersburg jewelers - V.S.) was notified that arrived French citizens Cartier and Chaumet sold jewelry to the public without mounted assays and seals.
 Page 6:
 The members of Jewelers' Society:
Adler A.K., Kiselev G.S., Utkin G.I. The Chairman Burkhard E.E. Members of the Managing Board in the year 1913: Drozzhin M.I., Lutugin B.A., Treiden A.A., Utkin G.I. and Lakin - Lvov A.I. Candidates: Knyazev N.A, Lazarev N.A., Paldani L.N. and Khyavrinen A.I.
The members of the auditing commission:
Drozdov A.N., Kaushe G. A., Lyubavin N.A., Chuksanov P.A. and Verner O.F.
Quitted the Board:
Burkhardt, Drozzhin and Shipkunov A.K.
Lazarev N.A., the oldest jeweler craftsmen, who had undergone a lot because of insufficient training of apprentices was the first one who made a contribution to the Society during his lifetime.
Chairman of the Society Morozov V.I., Deputy Chairman Kadykov N.K., Treasurer Treiden A., Secretary (Lutugin B. A.)
 JEWELLER Magazine, # 4, 1912.
Page 10:
A new Partnership. The new Partnership was founded in Moscow under the firm «F.A. Lorie». Founders: Lemkul A.F. and Julio (Julius Akimovich) Gverrieri. The General Partnership with a capital of 80,000 rubles. Jewelry trade. Kuznetsky Bridge, the building of the Merchants society.

JEWELLER Magazine, ## 5-6, 1912.
P.7: «About professional education».
...Three of our advanced St. Petersburg jewelers Mssrs. Utkin G.I., Burkhard E. E. and Drozzhin M.I. taken this challenging objective upon themselves and established the Society of advancement of artistic and vocational education for foundation of jewelry school. At present, the Society has about 100 members already.
...In the presence of this, our jewelry will turn from workmanship into art.
Page 13:
The awards. The order of St. Anna of the 2nd grade. - Academician Aleksey Shchusev and the order of St. Stanislav of the 3rd grade - Head of gold-cloth production department of «V.G. Sapozhnikov» firm, hereditary nobleman Grigoriy Sapozhnikov.

Page 13:
Exhibition of Church plate. Vashkov S.I. The artist of «Olovyanishnikov P.I. & Sons» factory.

"РУССКІЙ ЮВЕЛИРЬ" Magazine  # 5, 1914, page 12.
In the Society of jewelers. The chronicle.
The annual general meeting of members of the Society of jewelers, gold, silver craftsmen and traders was held in Saint Petersburg in May 9, (1914).
As can be seen from the annual report, during 1913, the membership fees were received from 93 persons, while, the number of members had reached 117 in the previous years. Thus, the number of members decreased by 20%. It were received 1039 rubles of the membership fees in the reporting year and it were spent only 398 rubles 95 kopecks. Instead of Kadykov, Maseev, Tillander and Treiden, the members of the Board who quitted by lot, Mssrs. Gutman, Knyazev and Kotler and Mr. Treiden were re-elected. Mssrs. Asotov, Vist, Strandholm and Frolov were elected as associate members of the Board and Mssrs. Aronov, Arkharov, Verner, Libin and Chelnokov were elected as members of the audit commission.
LETTER OF INFORMATION on craftsmen (prepared by Skurlov V.V.).
TREIDEN Alexander Adolfovich. Merchant of the 2nd guild. 1892-1917. Workshop and gold and silver articles' store, Nevsky prospect, 42. In 1908, he was the Deputy to inspect the workshops and stores by the Assaying Inspectorate.
TILLANDER Alexander Alexandrovich. 1892-1917: Merchant of the 2nd guild. Trading house since 1870. "Tillander". Store of gold and diamond articles and workshop: Morskaya street, 28.
CHELNOKOV Ivan Pavlovich, son of a collegiate assessor, the owner of silverware workshop. 1898 and 1902: Kazanskaya street, 11.
LIBIN Joseph (Abram) Itskovich (Isaakovich), Orsha bourgeois. The owner of workshop and trading of gold and silver articles. 1892-1917. The merchant of the 2nd guild: Fontanka, 109-14.
ARKHAROV Ivan Andreevich, jeweler, the owner of silverware workshop. 1894-1917. Nevsky prospect, 3 and Kazanskaya street, 26.
ARONOV Meir (Meer) Abramovich (Gorshevich). The jeweler, the owner of gold and silver articles' workshop. 1900.
GUTMAN Zalman Simkhovich. The owner of gold and silver articles' workshop and store. 1904, 1909-1917, Troitskaya street, 38.
VERNER Otto Fridrikhovich - Vilgelmovich. The owner of gold and silver articles' workshop. In 1910, he was the owner of "Weide R.K." firm (Trading house and workshop on production of gold and silver articles, Gorokhovaya street, 53) together with Veide Rudolf Rudolfovich. In 1917, Verner Otto Fedorovich was the sole owner of the firm.
VIST Adolf Matveevich, Finnish citizen. The goldsmith, the trading of gold and silver articles. 1894, 1895, 1901: Gorokhovaya street, 33.
VIST Herman Adolfovich. The owner of gold and silver articles' workshop. 1914: Gorokhovaya street, 33.
KNYAZEV Ivan Alekseevich. The owner of gold and silver articles' workshop. 1908-1910: Sadovaya street, 35. 1915-1917: Troitsky pereulok, 8.
ASOTOV Anatoly Abramovich, jeweler and goldsmith. 1911-1916; Kolomenskaya street, 1-15. In 1908 he was elected as a Deputy for inspection of trading houses and workshops by the Assaying Inspectorate.
KOTLER Alexander-Franz Franzevich. Jewelry trading. The technical office for sale of jewelry tools and enamels.1901-1917: Gorokhovaya street, 33.
KADYKOV Nikolay Kirillovich, jeweler and goldsmith, merchant of the 2nd guild. "Kadykov and Mekhov" firm in Bolshoi Gostiny Dvor, Zerkalnaya liniya (line). 1912: Deputy Chairman of the Society of jewelers, gold and silver craftsmen and traders in Saint-Petersburg.
MASEEV Haim Ioselevich. Jewelry trade. 1892-1894. Jewelry craftsmen. Sadovaya street, 44. 1905: Meschanskaya street, 25, Prachechny pereulok, 5-19, Ekaterininsky channel, 132. Precious stone trade.
STRANDHOLM (Strendholm) Frederick, Finnish citizen, goldsmith. Craft Council, 1903.
FROLOV Nikolay Nikandrovich. He was born in the family of peasants from St. Petersburg province. Goldsmith and silversmith. 1900-1910: Gorokhovaya street, 58. In 1908 he was elected as a Deputy for inspection of workshops and trading houses by the Assaying Inspectorate

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