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Abstract of the book "Fabergé and St. Petersburg jewelers."

This book is dedicated to the history of St. Petersburg jewelers for the last 170 years from the date of foundation of the Fabergé firm in 1842.
Carl Fabergé had headed the company in 1872. The biography of the great master is most clearly revealed against the background of the Silver Age of Russian culture.
The text "History of the Fabergé firm" (written in 1919) supplied with a detailed commentary and expanded with a list of more than 400 employees belongs to Franz Bierbaum, the Chief Master of the Fabergé firm.
Much attention is paid to the history of contemporaries and rivals of Carl Fabergé, especially to court jewelers and suppliers of the Imperial Court. Period of 1920 - 1990's, which was previously virtually unexplored, has found a worthy reflection in the book for the first time.
The publication of 2012 differs from that of 1997 with new materials that characterize the developmental history of the post-Soviet St. Petersburg jewellery art over the period from 1991 to 2012.
The book is lavishly illustrated, with many photographs published for the first time.
This book is recommended to all who are interested in the history of jewellery art in St. Petersburg.

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