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Alexander Solodkoff

Alexander Yurevich Solodkov, Russian origin, was born on 20 January 1951 in Köln, North Rhein-Westphalia, Germany.

Married to Duchess Donata, daughter of Christian Ludwig von Mecklenburg-Schwerin., born on 11 April 1956. The marriage was celebrated in 4 August 1987 in London.

Children: Niklot-Alexis von Solodkoff, born on 08.12.1994
  Tyra von Solodkoff, born on 12.10.1989
  Alix von Solodkoff, born on 17.03.1992

His father, Yuri (Georg) Nikolaevich von Solodkoff, in 1982 churchwarden of the St. Panteleimon parish in Köln.

His mother: Maria Edmonthe Tukhol’ski.

The family name Tukhol’ski is widespread, it originates from the name Tukhola in Pomerania, now Bydgoshchk region, Poland. People having this family name are Poles and/or jews, the best known among the Tukholakis is the writer Kurt Tukhol’ski (1890-1935), from a Jewish family of traders in Berlin.

His grand-father, Nikolai Petrovich Solodkov was born on 27 February 1892. He studied at the Naval Cadets regiment in Saint Petersburg, and graduated in 1909 with the rank of naval cadet. In 1920 with the rank of lieutenant he left with the Black Sea fleet of Admiral Wrangel to Bizerte, Tunisia, where he became educator of the Naval Cadet corps. He is well known as a writer. The writer’s family published in 1968 in Paris his “Tales of the Sea”, 94 p. 250 ex . His sons, Yuri (born in 1921 in Danzig, Germany) and Leonid an architect in Köln. And also a writer famous under the name of Alexander Skirda, who wrote a biography of Nestor Makhno.

Reference about Nikolai Solodkov in April 1909, written by the educator of the Naval Cadet corps : “Outward appearance well brought up but shows foppishness and conceit in his behaviour. Does not always fulfil exactly the regulations of the corps”. (Central government archive of the military-naval fleet in Saint Petersbur4g, fond 432, 2, file 1997).

SOLODKOV, Nikolai Petrovich, aka Nikolaevich 27.02.1892-22.02.1964. Lieutenant, from St.P. nobility, Born in StP region, son of an engineer-Technologist. Studied in the 8th StP Gymnasium. Registered in the main class MK 08.09.1908. 
Naval cadet 02.05.1912.
Midshipman 05.10.1912
Lieutenant 10.04.1916
Served on LK Andrei Pervozvannyi 08.11.1913-08.05.1914
KP Avrora 1914-1916.
KP Diana from 12.05.1916.

He graduated from the special officer course in Helsingfors 02.04.1915. Participated in battles during the war. Decorated with the order of St. Anna 3rd step, with crossed sabers and ribbon 1915. Second class artillery officer 17.08.1917. Secretary of senior salary scale. Member of the Direction of the upper Moscow college 20.12.1917. Retired on 09.02.1918. Since 1917 corresponding member of the Russian entomological society. Was studying butterflies.

Since 05.09.1919 in the reserve of the officers of the Black Sea fleet; since 06.10.1919, naval officer in Constantinople and then in Bizerte, commander.
From November 1921 until 1945 lived in Danzig, worked in a Russian tea firm, started as worker and reached deputy director. After the war he lived in a village in Bavaria, retired in 1953. Collaborated with the journal WATCHES, and the newspapers Russkaya Zhyzn’, Rossiya, Nashy Vesti. Died in Siegburg, near Köln in 1964. According to his wife, “N.P. was a quiet, modest and peaceful man. Sincere and honest, he was respected and loved by all who worked with him and knew him”.
Archives of the State General archive of the military naval fleet, Fond 408, chapter 10, file N. 1-7, Bulletin of the society of Officers of the Russian Imperial Fleet in America, 1962, N°1/97, p.10, 1964, N° 1/103, p. 17-18.

S.V. Volkov, Directory of the Naval Officers, Mowcow 2004.

*SOLODKOV, N.P., participated in the voluntary Army armed forces of South Russia and the Russian Army. In 1919 commander of the cadet corps. Educator of the Naval corps in Sevastopol until the evacuation of Crimea. In 25.03.1921 member of the Russian squadron in Bizerte on the MS Grand duchess Xenia Alexandrovna. Emigrated to Danzig and then to Germany. Member of the Union of Assistance to those enrolled in the Russian fleet in Germany. Since 1944 in Gernany. Author of the “Tales of the Sea”, Paris 1968. His wife, Evgenia Leonidovna, died on 17.10.1972 in Siegberg, near Köln. Children : Yuri and Leonid. 
According to memoirs written by historians, N.P. Solodkov in Sevastopol and Bizerte participated in amateur spectacles as accompanist and pianist.

SOLODKOFF, Leonid von, artist-architect, Кöln, Germany.

SOLODKOFF, Nikolai von, brother of Alexander Yulevich. Bachelor of Hotel and Hospital management, Studied in the USA. In 1995 founded a firm in Germany, lived in Siegberg, near Köln, Germany.

SOLODKOFF, Tatiana von, metaphysicist, Germany.

SOLODKOFF, Michael von, Dr., and his wife Christiane von Solodkoff, Germany.

*SOLODKOV, Nikolai. In his personal file one reads that his biological father was Nikolai Borodulin.

Nikolai Nikolaevich Borodulin , son of a mechanical engineer.of Saint Petersburg waterworks, was adopted by the husband of his sister, Solodkov Peter Grigorievich and he obtained the patronymic name of his father, Petrovich.

The engineer Nikolai Nikolaevich Borodulin occupied the post of mechanic of the StPetersburg waterworks. In 1907-1911 was accused of stealing a load of coal, he was fired and had to relinquish his 7-room apartment on Tavricheskaya ul.

From the personal file of the Cadet Nikolai Solodkov :

His adopting father, Peter Grigorievich Solodkov, born 1844, “cantonist” – a peasant serf based in an army village. Worked as drummer in the Naval corps, later unter-officer. Married, had no children In 1877, he graduated as first grade step and was ennobled. Served as commissar in Cronstadt, supply intendant of the fleet. After leaving the army he worked in the Alexander Lyceum in Petersburg as house-keeper and concierge. Dismissed in 1901 for distrust. Remained for some time without work, his efforts to join the Townhall admiistration failed because of a negative recommendation from the Alexander Lyceum 
(From the personal file of P.G. Solodkov concerning the Alexander Lyceum in the Saint Petersburg Central State Archive). Afterwards P.G. Solodkov managed to obtain a position as house-keeper and concierge in the Historico-Philological Institute. Fired in May 1917 due to a collective complaint from the students addressed to the Minister of Justice A.F. Kerenskii because of thefts of sugar and omission to distribute it to the students, but instead having registered some of his relatives in Petrograd and providing them with sugar for speculation purposes. (From the personal file of P.G. Solodkov in the Historico-Philological Institute in the Central Historical archive of Saint Petersburg).

The ultimate rank obtained by P.G. Solodkov was court counsellor, which corresponds to the 7th rank. Hereditary nobility began at the 4th class rank, major general or actual state counselor. Neither P.G. Solodkov not the engineer Borodulin had the rank of hereditary nobleman of the Russian Empire, therefore Alexander Yulievich Solodkov does not have the moral or juridical right to add to his family name the particle ‘von’ or ‘de’. This could only be granted to hereditary noblemen.

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