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Irina Karpova: a jeweller-designer and a beautiful woman.

This bright star rose in Kiev and shone on all the post-Soviet jewellery space. When I first saw the collection of the classical jewellery house Lobortas & Karpov in Kiev in 2004, I experienced an aesthetic shock. No, not in vain Faberge drew his attention to Ukraine, ingeniously feeling here the potential implementation of their ideas. Visiting with Mrs. Tatiana Faberge in Kiev and rewarding Irina Karpova and Igor Lobortas orders of Faberge in 2008 was only a statement of fact - the case of the "Great Carl" in Ukraine lives.
Creatively mastered the philosophy of Faberge Germanovna Irina Karpova, found its way into the art of the XXI century. Now, when people ask me about the Ukrainian art of jewelry, replied curtly: "Karpov and Lobortas. Surnames that when life has become a brand, entered the history of art and represent the country in the world.
In the history of jewelry design is not so much women's names. Alma Peel from Faberge by the idea of platinum products with "frost" the masterpieces of imperial Easter: Egg "Winter" and Mosaic.
The Cartier beautiful woman Mademoiselle Jeanne Toussaint, author of the famous theme "Panther", is beautifully worked for the glory of ardeko, entropy, which was pressed into a narrow chronological interval of 20-th anniversary of the inter-war and only now mentally assimilated into the neo-ardeko. Panther symbolizes the love of Louis Cartier to Jeanne Toussaint, and she wore the nickname Pantera. It may therefore Irina Karpova more frequently thinks about the "Ukrainian view on Europe 20-30-ies." Marina Bulgari jewelry successful manager, Jewel Irina Brynner is basking in the rays of the famous brother. Irina Karpova - from those in America, respectfully referred to as "seylfmen", the man who created himself, the power of talent, allotted by God.
Irina Karpova showed the world the direction of the Romantic avant-garde, creating an unprecedented collection of ring-ring "Architect" by investing in the concept of its profound vision of architectural forms. After studying and believing in the life-giving Kiev beautiful enamel, Irina successfully revived her. Creative search takes place in a fruitful discussion with the partner in life and work of Igor Lobortas brilliantly voplaschayuschim finds designer in precious materials. Roman on their delicate novel, to fertilize Ukrainian jewelry, has not yet written. Otherwise, where is the name of "Romantic avant-garde"?
Many filosofovskogo sense in a small plastic jewelry, sculpture, "Gravity of Love". I strongly suspect that a product with such a speaking name could be born only as a result of the novel the main Goro Classic Jewelers home. Such works ennoble and inspire.
Masterpiece of the national jewelry - pyx "Laurus heaven shows us the purity and depth of thoughts. In this work, heard the ringing of bells, which are the world Renaissance historical miracle - Ukraine - Kievan Rus. Among recent works, we note the continuation of the theme of worship - panagias and crosses to the Patriarch, from secular affairs - the project "Chess", a work on the nation's history, according to the riches of jewelry techniques and sovershechstvu composite worthy for display in the National Museum of jewelry.
Example of creativity Irina, Ukrainian beauties, shows what is capable of liberating the Slavic passionarnost. Here is a mysterious Slavic soul, visible in its magical enamels. She worries, attracts and fascinates.

Valentin Skurlov

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